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Property management in Uganda

May 17, 2018

Uganda Real Estate sector   is attracting some heavy investment opportunities from a vast number of people and for those people investing in Real Estate, one question you are likely to face is whether or not to contract a Property Management firm.

You  might wonder why you need to hire a property manager  to do this work for you when you can use that money to invest in your next venture. However, looking closer at this issue you realize that a property manager comes with a wealth of advantages, namely:

  • 1. Better collections and accounting
  • 2. Better screening and quality of tenants
  • 3. Better service and responses provided to residents
  • 4. Less turnover (no matter how many people you know, their rolodex is probably just as good if not better)
  • 5. Better handling of legal issues
  • 6. Better repairs and maintenance systems (with all licensed and insured workers! So a lot less liability on your part)


Factors to Consider Before You Hire a Property Manager

  • a. Comparative proximity to the property, or their willingness to travel to the property
  • b. Number of units under management
  • c. Time it’s taking you to turn over the unit (find another tenant when one vacates)
  • d. Your record keeping abilities
  • e. Response rates (are you open 24/7/365?)
  • f. Maintenance and repair systems
  • g. Handling tenants’ collections, evictions, etc.
  • h. STRESS! Most people would find the job unnecessarily stressful especially when it’s not your career and you have other interests on the side.
  • i. Freedom and more time to pursue your other interests


Do you have a  property that you wish to be  managed  or sold. Look no further at KPG we got you suited. We have been in business for quite some time and developed a vast knowledge in property management in Uganda ,  our dynamic  team of  real estate marketing professionals  is highly qualified to meet your expectations.

Therefore if you are looking for a way to market your property in Uganda for the right price, then KPG is your ultimate answer for your property management services

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